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The Gaido will be the one who provide you with the information, advice, planning and promotion of tourist services you need during your stay. 

It will guide you, your family or friends and show them the magic of Cartagena and will also be the mediator between the locals and the travelers, this to promote the culture of the city and achieve fair prices for the tourists. 


Tour guide for ONE or max FOUR persons: from 9hr to 17hr.

Information, advice, planning, programming, promotion of tourist services, attention and resolution of doubts.

Guide, recommend and plan transportation and displacements if the traveler wishes (chiva, cabs, family cars, boats, islands).

Guide to the most popular places in Cartagena and the city’s best sites and typical crafts.

Help to plan thematic routes for all tastes: gastronomic, cultural, literary, and historical routes, among others.NE or max FOUR people: from 9hr to 17hr.

Help with the simplest things, from making a reservation at your chosen restaurant to renting a private island.

Recommendations for the best nightlife and the most exquisite restaurants to visit.

Guidance if you want to dress like a local: from the hairdresser to how you dress.

Parachute jumping procedures.

Recommendations and reservations of the best spas in Cartagena.

Accompaniment to plan the wedding of your dreams in Cartagena by contacting a wedding planner in the city.

We design for you the best vacation plans to discover the Colombian Caribbean.

Our Gaido also offers airport pick-up service so that you have your guide from the very first moment.

The Gaido fee does NOT include: transportation,
purchase of handicrafts, snacks, lunch, dinner, or drinks.

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Sim card

With the Gaido´s Sim Card you don’t have to pay for international roaming and you can talk and browse unlimitedly during your entire stay in Colombia at the best price. ¡You’ll always connected with your loved ones!

Active for 30 days

National 4G network coverage

Unlimited calls

You won´t have to ask for wi-fi to the places that you go

Avoid the extra fee of $10 USD per day for international roaming from your country!

Warning: Does not apply to telephones subject to contracts with telephone companies. Phones must be unlocked.

Get your Sim card for $30 USD